BRIEF2 ADHD Form Professional eManual Supplement

Author(s) : Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Steven C. Guy, PhD, and Lauren Kenworthy, PhD

Publisher : PAR, 2020

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The new Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function®, Second Edition ADHD Form (BRIEF 2 ADHD Form) uses scores from completed BREIF2 Parent, Teacher and Self-Report protocols (including PARiConnect reports) to identify children who are likely to have ADHD. It also determines which ADHD subtype (inattentive or combined) is most likely, so you can recommend effective interventions.

Using scores from the BRIEF2 Working Memory and Inhibit scales, the BRIEF 2 ADHD Form takes a three-step approach to help you determine the likelihood of ADHD:

  1. Compare plotted profiles to known ADHD profiles
  2. Use evidence-based statistics to eliminate likelihood of ADHD diagnosis and subtype
  3. Use a checklist to see how closely ratings align with DSM-5™ inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive criteria.

The BRIEF 2 ADHD Form helps evaluators "rule in" ADHD and "rule out" other explanations for observed behaviors, and helps inform development of IEP goals.

Test Structure

  • Requires BRIEF2 Parent and/or Teacher form scores. BRIEF2 Self-Report Form scores are optional and can be used on the DSM-5™ Symptom Checklist.
  • Compares profiles of parent and teacher ratings with profiles of children diagnosed with ADHD–Inattentive type and ADHD–Combined type.
  • Examines probability of ADHD diagnosis using postive and negative predictive values.

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What is the format?

PAR e-Manuals can be downloaded via your original confirmation email or they may also be viewed via a web browser through PARiConnect, PAR’s online assessment platform - a valid PARiConnect account is required for this method.

To view e-Manuals online (PARiConnect):

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To download an e-Manual to a device:

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Can I view e-Manuals on an e-reader or a tablet/iPad®?

PAR e-Manuals can be downloaded and viewed on the iPad and on Android tablets. Use of e-Manuals on these tablets requires you to download Adobe Digital Editions or the BlueFire Reader app onto your device (fees may apply). The PARiConnect Digital Library also allows users to view e-Manuals via a tablet or an iPad. Please note that devices running on Apple’s recently released iOS15 will not display e-Manuals correctly. If you are using iOS15, please use the Bluefire Reader app or access your e-Manual through the Digital Library in PARiConnect.

Can you create bookmarks for specific pages?

You can create bookmarks to specific pages if you are viewing the downloaded e-Manual. Once you are on a page you wish to bookmark, simply click the "Create Bookmark" button and add a note about the bookmark. To view any bookmarks you have created, click on the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the screen.

How many times can I download an e-Manual?

Each PAR e-Manual you purchase is licensed for one user. You are provided two download links per purchase. The second download link serves as a backup should you experience computer problems, replace your computer, or otherwise lose your original copy.

Is it possible to print out the e-Manual if I want a hard copy?

Because PAR e-Manuals are in a DRM-protected format, printing is prohibited. The e-Manual can only be viewed on-screen via Adobe Digital Editions, the Bluefire Reader app, or via the PARiConnect Digital Library. Please purchase the print manual if you need a hard copy.

Is the e-Manual identical to the printed manual?

All the information contained in the printed manual, including tables and graphs, is included in the digital version.


Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Steven C. Guy, PhD, and Lauren Kenworthy, PhD

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