Bullying of Staff in Schools

ISBN13 : 9781742860268

Author(s) : Dan Riley, Deirdre Duncan and John Edwards

Publisher : ACER Press, 2012

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Bullying of Staff in Schools aims to assist school employees to understand the phenomenon of bullying of staff, its existence, the forms it takes, and the impacts on staff and their schools.

With foreword by General Peter Cosgrove, the intention of this book is to:

  • Reposition the debate on staff bullying in schools from the periphery to the centre of a growing national and international concern about workplace bullying
  • Eliminate staff bullying from schools
  • Provide a resource to which school employees may turn to in their efforts to meet and negate the negative impact of bullying of staff

Data from research studies involving over 2500 participants examine the phenomenon across 10 demographic classifications, details the human and economic costs, and provides helpful advice and recommendations to school employees and school leaders.

Dr Dan Riley is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New England. He is a Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, a member of the Australian College of Educators and a Life Member of the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management.

Dr Deirdre Duncan is an Adjunct Professor in Educational Leadership at the Australian Catholic University. She was the first woman in Australia to gain a doctorate in Educational Leadership and is a Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

John Edwards MEd(Hons) is a statistical analyst with over 20 years' experience teaching in secondary schools and has lectured in research methodology at university. He is a member of the Statistical Society of Australia and is Director of Riley, Duncan and Edwards - Workplace Bullies Research.