Career Values Card Sort Cards

Author(s) : Richard L. Knowdell

Publisher : Career Development Network, 2006

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The Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows your clients to prioritise their career values in as little as five minutes.

Fifty-four variables of work satisfaction-such as time freedom, precision work, power, technical competence and public contact-are listed and described, with clients asked to sort each card into five categories (from always valued to never valued).

The Career Values Card Sort is an effective tool for job seekers, those fine-tuning their present jobs and career changers at all ages and stages.

The Career Values Card Sort Cards includes 5 category cards (always valued, often valued, sometimes valued, seldom valued and never valued), as well as the 54 career value cards. The entire deck is sorted into the categories by the client, and then their Career Values will need to be prioritised.

Cards comes with a Career Values Worksheet, which provides a summary of prioritised values (quickly summarises what you want in a career) and careers options worksheet (provides and efficient way to see how your career values affect career decisions you make).

Richard L. Knowdell