Discovering Gifts in Middle School

Learning in a Caring Culture Called Tribes

ISBN13 : 9780932762511

Author(s) : Jeanne Gibbs

Publisher : CentreSource Systems, 2007

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Discovering Gifts in Middle School -Learning in a Caring Culture Called Tribes motivates and supports educators in middle level schools to make the full range of young adolescents' developmental growth and learning needs the over-riding focus of the whole school community.

Author Jeanne Gibbs presents a wealth of research studies and effective practices, which underlie the Tribes Learning Community developmental approach. The synthesis draws upon relevant literature on cognitive theory, human resilience, multiple intelligences, democratic classroom management, cooperative learning, constructivism, social-emotional learning, multicultural-gender equity, reflective practice and authentic assessment.

Placing the major emphasis on middle level schools becoming responsive to the contextual basis of adolescent development, leads not only to greater achievement and success for students but to a new spirit, energy and the discovery of gifts throughout the whole school community.

Jeanne Gibbs