Leading School Change

How to Overcome Resistance, Increase Buy-In, and Accomplish Your Goals, 2nd Edition

ISBN13 : 9780815363989

Author(s) : Todd Whitaker

Publisher : Routledge, 2018

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Being a cheerleader for innovation or change is great. Implementing specific strategies to increase the likelihood of success is essential. In this key book from bestselling author and speaker Todd Whitaker, you will discover clear ways to lead and manage school change by setting realistic goals, planning your approach, and tracking your progress. You will also find out how to work effectively with others, overcome resistance, and gain widespread acceptance.

Whether you are a district leader, building leader, instructional coach, or teacher-leader, you’ll come away from this book with all the tools and inspiration you need to make a positive, immediate, results-oriented change with the support of your staff.

This enhanced second edition includes a special Action Plan and Implementation Guide. The Action Plan will help you apply the ideas, step by step, to your own situation. The Implementation Guide can be used for independent reflection or as a study guide with book groups or professional learning communities.

Todd Whitaker