Motivated Skills Card Sort Cards

Author(s) : Richard L. Knowdell

Publisher : Career Development Network, 2008

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The Motivated Skills Card Sort is a quick and easy way to identify the areas that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success. Based on experience, feedback and instinct, clients use the cards to assess their proficiency and motivation in 51 transferable skills areas.

The Motivated Skills Card Sort Cards describe specific activities (e.g. maintaining records, tending animals, initiating change, dealing with feelings, selling), and each activity is qualified by a brief statement.

The client is asked to sort each card twice, once according to degree of interest in exercising each skill (five levels), and once according to degree of proficiency in performing the skill (three levels).

The additional Worksheet includes counsellor guidelines, an overview of achievement motivation and its role in career decision-making, instructions for the individual user, and a series of supplementary activities for further clarification of motivated skills and achievement patterns.

Richard L. Knowdell