Pathways to School System Improvement

ISBN13 : 9781742862484

Author(s) : Michael Gaffney

Publisher : ACER Press, 2014

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Pathways to School System Improvement provides invaluable reading for educators who want access to effective strategies for implementing school system improvement.

The road to school system improvement can be a rocky one. The nature of schools and school systems makes them very difficult to change. These are complex organisations, subject to a range of demands and opportunities from multiple stakeholders - from parents and governments, from local communities and business, from other educational authorities and institutions, and, of course, from their staff and students.

Effective educational leaders appreciate this complexity and work with colleagues and others across and beyond their education system to make a positive and meaningful difference.

Drawing on data from two national pilot programs - Principals as Literacy Leaders (PALL) and Leading Aligned Numeracy Development (LAND) - this title looks at effective strategies for implementing system improvement and presents approaches for capitalising on the successes and overcoming the shortcomings of initiative-based reforms.

Michael Gaffney