Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (PASMAP) Book 1

ISBN13 : 9781742862934

Author(s) : Joanne Mulligan and Michael Mitchelmore

Publisher : ACER Press, 2016

SKU : A5339BK

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The Pattern and Structure Mathematical Awareness Program (PASMAP) is a network of related learning experiences developed for children in the first three years of formal schooling (Foundation - Year 2).

PASMAP focuses on developing children's awareness of the patterns and structures that underlie the concepts and processes common to all the early Australian Curriculum: Mathematics strands.

It's organised as a series of learning sequences, each of which consists of a number of learning experiences focussed on a particular aspect of one of the early mathematics structures. These learning sequences are grouped into ten learning pathways, each one a journey through a set of related learning sequences.

PASMAP can be used in conjunction with ACER's Pattern and Structure Assessment (PASA), which measures awareness of mathematical pattern and structure. By testing children with PASA, teachers can use their results to help select the most effective PASMAP learning sequences.

PASMAP Book One is mainly intended for children in Foundation and Year 1.

Joanne Mulligan and Michael Mitchelmore