Progressive Achievement Tests in Mathematics - Fourth Edition (PAT Maths 4)

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013


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Range: Years 1–10

Purpose: To monitor progress in mathematics and to provide teachers with diagnostic information to inform teaching.

Administration: 40 minutes, suggested (group or individual)

The ACER Progressive Achievement Tests in Mathematics Fourth Edition (PATMaths Fourth Edition) is a thoroughly researched, Australian test designed to provide objective, norm-referenced information to teachers about the level of achievement attained by their students in the skills and understanding of mathematics.

PATMaths Fourth Edition contains new test items and more difficult tests compared to previous editions. This new edition replaces PATMaths Third Edition. The assessment is available in hardcopy, with a variety of scoring and reporting options to suit teachers. It contains software for generating more functional group and individual reports; and includes detailed descriptions on using the data to inform teaching and learning.

Key Features

  • Tests and items designed to assess the strands and levels described in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum
  • PAT Maths alignment to the NSW Numeracy Continuum
  • A common achievement scale for all ten tests, allowing teachers to track progress over time
  • Scale scores that allow teachers to compare achievement on the tests regardless of year level and the specific test completed
  • Overall descriptions of the types of maths skills mastered and those still to be developed based on test performance
  • Reports showing scale scores for each strand, so strengths and weaknesses in different strands can be clearly identified
  • Updated individual and group reports with more features: automatic calculation of test scores, scale scores, percentiles and stanines; sorting functions that allow comparison of scores across students, strands, etc.
  • Explanations on how to extract and use information from available data to inform teaching and learning.

Suitable Year Levels

Each test includes items that match the curriculum studied by students in the target year level.

Test Booklet 1 - End of Year 1, start of Year 2
Test Booklet 2 - End of Year 2, start of Year 3
Test Booklet 3 - End of Year 3, start of Year 4
Test Booklet 4 - End of Year 4, start of Year 5
Test Booklet 5 - End of Year 5, start of Year 6
Test Booklet 6 - End of Year 6, start of Year 7
Test Booklet 7 - End of Year 7, start of Year 8
Test Booklet 8 - End of Year 8, start of Year 9
Test Booklet 9 - End of Year 9, start of Year 10
Test Booklet 10 - End of Year 10

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