Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading - Fourth Edition (PAT-R 4)


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Range: Comprehension: Foundation to Year 10; Vocabulary: Years 3 to 10; Spelling: Years 2 to 10

Purpose: To monitor progress in reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling, and to provide teachers with diagnostic information to inform teaching.

Administration: Comprehension: 40 minutes (group – except for the Test Booklet P, which is individual. Test Booklets P and 1 are untimed.); Vocabulary: 25 minutes (group); Spelling: 20 minutes (group)

The PAT Reading Fourth Edition is a thoroughly researched and normed test for measuring and tracking student achievement in reading comprehension, word knowledge and spelling. It provides teachers with objective information for setting realistic learning goals and planning effective programs.

The content of the tests has been updated to reflect the variety of text and format types that students encounter, current language use, technological advances and the use of testing for in-depth diagnosis and intervention.

Key Features

  • Eleven normed and graded comprehension tests for the first year of school to 10
  • Five normed and graded vocabulary tests for Years 3 to 10
  • Nine normed spelling lists for Years 2 to 10
  • A common scale for comprehension, vocabulary and spelling, each covering a wide range of year levels and allowing progress to be tracked from year to year
  • Comprehensive norm, diagnostic and descriptive reports
  • Comprehension and vocabulary scales that are similar to previous editions of PAT Reading, allowing for easy conversion of scores from the third to fourth edition
  • Copy masters of administration instructions, score keys and reports.


  • Track students’ literacy progress from the first year of school to Year 10
  • Identify students who require help to develop literacy skills and students who would benefit from literacy extension
  • Use results to confirm school-based assessment
  • Use item classification to plan your literacy teaching strategies
  • Monitor development of spelling skills using the Australian normed spelling lists.

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Additional Materials

Sample Comprehension questions

Sample Vocabulary questions

Sample Comprehension individual report

Sample Vocabulary individual report

Sample Spelling individual report

Sample group report

PAT Reading Comprehension alignment to the NSW continuum

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