Teacher Wellbeing

A Real Conversation for Teachers and Leaders

ISBN13 : 9781922607386

Author(s) : Amy Green

Publisher : Amba Press, 2022

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Teacher wellbeing has never been more important. And yet, this complex issue is often misunderstood, leading to band-aid solutions that don’t address the root cause or inspire long-term change.

In this go-to guide for teachers and leaders, Amy Green provides inspiration and practical tools to unpack the many facets of teacher wellbeing. She explores the purpose of teacher wellbeing; where we’ve gone wrong in tackling issues such as burnout and stress; and what we can do to build teacher capacity and enhance school systems to support teacher wellbeing.

Amy believes we all play a part in writing a better story for our teachers. With awareness and knowledge we can move beyond tokenistic activities to long-term, embedded, sustainable solutions.

In these pages you will find a deeper, richer, more holistic approach to improving wellbeing. It’s a book that will inspire the real conversations we so desperately need. Together, we can bring about transformation far beyond what we imagine.

Amy Green is a leader and expert in improving culture and wellbeing for schools,organisations and individuals. Amy is an author, speaker, facilitator and coach who has a relatable approach to what can be a sensitive and personal topic. With a background in teaching, leadership and positive psychology, Amy brings a fresh take to this essential space.