The Performance Mindset

7 Steps to Success in Sport and Life

ISBN13 : 9780730394686

Author(s) : Anthony J. Klarica

Publisher : Wiley, 2022

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Learn the lessons of elite athletes to reach your full potential.

From acclaimed psychologist Anthony Klarica, The Performance Mindset: 7 steps to success in sport and life reveals the lessons of high-performing athletes and shows how you can build strategies to apply for greater success in sport, business or in your personal life.

High performers are made, not born. High performance occurs through putting a careful and deliberate focus on growing mindset, and science proves that high-performers intentionally build these mindset skills and habits to maximise their opportunities. Talent and hard work are simply not enough.

Through candid, in-depth interviews and stories from a wide variety of Australian athletes, you’ll learn how to:

  • harness and maintain your motivation
  • become resilient
  • stay focussed and present
  • lead yourself and others
  • protect your mental health and wellbeing.

Natural talent doesn’t necessarily equal high performance. With The Performance Mindset: 7 steps to success in sport and life, you’ll discover how to unleash your inner-champion and realise your full and unbridled potential, whether in sport, in business, or in life.

Anthony J. Klarica is a performance psychologist with over 30 years’ experience bringing out the best in people and has worked with Olympians, professional athletes, and elite-level teams. Anthony developed the Six Star Student and Staff Wellbeing Surveys, which are published by ACER.