Baby Cues™ Cards 2nd Edition

Publisher : NCAST, 2014

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The Baby Cues™ series help parents, home visitors and other caregivers be more "tuned in" to their infant and young child's feelings by learning to understand and respond to their behavioral cues.

Baby Cues™ Cards are an informative set of 59 cards (52 of which are colour photo cards) that illustrate and explain the behavioural cues commonly seen in infants and young children.

Each card includes a different photo with an explanation on the back explaining what the cue means, along with text that gives the parent/caregiver ideas about how to interpret and respond to their child's cues.

Included with the cards is a fold-out instructional booklet and seven sorting cards.

Baby Cues™ Cards are a fantastic resource for parents and professionals who work with new or expectant parents.