Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory - Adult (CEFI Adult)

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Author(s) : Dr Jack Naglieri and Dr Sam Goldstein

Publisher : MHS, 2017


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Purpose: Assess executive function strengths and weaknesses

Age: 18+ years

Time: 10-15 minutes

Format: Hand-score; Online

Deficits in executive function can impair problem solving, reasoning, and adaptive behaviour, making even the simplest tasks a challenge. Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory - Adult (CEFI Adult) is a comprehensive assessment of executive function strengths and weaknesses for adults that delivers highly accurate results based on extensive norming.

Intended to be used by professionals in clinical, educational, and research settings, this is ideal for assessing individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or ADHD. The CEFI Adult is an effective and reliable tool for evaluating executive function to guide diagnosis, intervention, and treatment planning, as well as to evaluate the success of an intervention program.

Key Features

  • Evaluates executive function strengths and weaknesses across nine different scales
  • Authored by Dr. Jack Naglieri, Ph.D, and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D, internationally recognised leaders in executive function assessment development
  • Ensures understanding with an accessible fourth-grade reading level
  • Provides observer and self-report ratings for a comprehensive evaluation of executive function

With 80 items on a 6-point Likert-type scale, the CEFI Adult offers a multi-rater perspective of an individual’s executive function, with Self-Report and Observer forms. The CEFI Adult can be administered and scored online or by hand (QuikScore foms).

Online testing with MHS Assessment Center+

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The MHS Assessment Center+ provides professionals the ability to administer, score and generate reports online. It also allows for printing of forms for client completion, and response entry from pen-and-paper administrations.

CEFI Adult Scales

Sample CEFI Adult Comparative Report

Sample CEFI Adult Self-Report Interpretive Report

Sample CEFI Adult Self-Report Progress Monitoring & Treatment Effectiveness Report

MHS Assessment Center+ QuickStart Guide

Dr Jack Naglieri and Dr Sam Goldstein

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