The DISC Personality System Profile

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Purpose: Provides an accurate assessments of personal attributes for personal and team development

The DISC Personality System Profile assessments measure a person’s predictable personality traits and behaviour. They can provide valuable input regarding how a person thinks, feels, what motivates them, and what deters them. It tells you about how they relate to systems, how they approach conflict, how they relate to people, and how they respond to different environments.

The DISC personality assessment are based off of Marston’s theory of personality. This theory determined that there are four primary categories, or quadrants, of personality. Every person possess some amount of each trait, but will have certain traits, or categories, that are prevalent. Every individual is unique, and each person’s combination of the four traits will be unique to them.

The DISC test measures the prevalence of each trait in an individual:

  1. Dominance: This trait relates to assertiveness, power and control-related personality traits
  2. Influence: This trait relates to communication and sociability related traits
  3. Steadiness: This trait relates to thoughtfulness, patience and stability related traits
  4. Conscientiousness: This trait relates to structure and organisation.

The DISC Personality System Profile products are designed to provide quick, efficient and accurate assessments of personal attributes that are easy to interpret. The DISC and its related products are widely used for:

  • Team building
  • Career planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Counselling

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