Multicultural Supplement to the Manual for the ASEBA Preschool Forms & Profiles

Author(s) : Thomas M. Achenbach

Publisher : ASEBA

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The Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1.5-5 (CBCL 1.5-5) obtains parents', day-care providers', and teachers' ratings of 99 problem items plus descriptions of problems, disabilities, respondent concerns about the child, and the best things about the child.

The Multicultural Supplement for the ASEBA Preschool Forms & Profiles outlines the construction of the multicultural norms for the CBCL 1.5-5 and C-TRF. Updates are also provided for the Language Development Survey (LDS) of the CBCL 1.5-5.

The Supplement illustrates multicultural scoring, cross-informant comparisons, and practical applications in school, mental health, medical, and forensic contexts. The Supplement also reports multicultural findings for confirmatory factor analyses, internal consistencies, cross-informant correlations, and distributions of scale scores.

Research guidelines and extensive reviews of research on the instruments are also provided, plus a bibliography of over 300 publications reporting their use with young children.

Thomas M. Achenbach

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