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The Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children - Screening Form (TSCYC-SF) allows you to quickly screen for posttraumatic stress and related psychological symptomatology in children ages 3-12 years who have experienced traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, major loss, or natural disasters, or who have been a witness to violence.

The TSCYC-SF was derived from the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children (TSCYC). Selected items were best at predicting overall trauma and sexual-related symptomology. It includes 12 items and two subscales—General Trauma and Sexual Concerns—that are scored separately.

Administer and Score online!

The TSCYC-SF can be administered and scored online via PARiConnect - i-Admins provide on-screen test administration, either in your office or remotely. Please note i-Admins provide administration only - reports must be purchased separately.

John Briere

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