Self-Directed Search (SDS) - 2012 Update

Edition: Form R, Second Australian Edition

Author(s) : John L Holland. Australian Edition by Meredith Shears and Adrian Harvey-Beavis

Publisher : ACER Pres, 2012


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SDS Australian 2012 Update Occupations Finder (pkg 10)


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Purpose: To explore career options by matching interests and abilities to occupations

Age: 14+ years

Time: 30-45 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

Format: Hard-copy; Online

The Self Directed Search (SDS) is a self-administered, self-scored and self-interpreted career counselling tool based on Holland’s theory of careers. It is used extensively with individuals and groups to explore career options.

The Australian edition was updated in 2012 to ensure it is representative of the current working world:

  • Includes 1184 of the most common occupations and specialisations in Australia
  • The occupations in the SDS Occupations Finder and SDS Alphabetical Occupations Finder have been substantially revised to align with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations: First edition, Revision 1 (ANZSCO), Myfuture and the Job Guide.
  • The SDS Assessment Booklet and SDS You and Your Career have been updated to include revised links to hardcopy and web-based resources, as well as up-to-date occupations.
  • The SDS Australian Manual has been updated to reflect the changes in the various components.

Test Online via the ACER Psychological Testing Platform (APT)

The new ACER Psych Testing (APT) platform enables clients to easily manage their candidates, assign assessments and purchase credits. Clients can search, order and prioritise candidates and results based on the chosen criteria – and generate reports when it suits.There’s an informative help section with useful information and some short webinars.

Candidates will benefit from the consistent and intuitive interface and easy-to-use navigation.

SDS Online Sample Report

John L Holland. Australian Edition by Meredith Shears and Adrian Harvey-Beavis

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