Social Responsiveness Scale - Second Edition (SRS-2)

Author(s) : John N. Constantino and Christian P. Gruber

Publisher : WPS, 2012


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Purpose: Measures the severity of autism spectrum symptoms in natural social settings

Age: 2.5+ years  

Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Format: Hard-copy; Software Scoring; Online

The Social Responsiveness Scale - Second Edition (SRS-2) offers the convenience of a screener and the power of a diagnostic tool. With an expanded age range, the SRS-2 can be used to monitor symptoms throughout the lifespan.

The SRS-2 identifies social impairment associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and quantifies the severity. It's sensitive enough to detect subtle symptoms, yet specific enough to differentiate clinical groups, both within the autism spectrum and between ASD and other disorders.

The SRS-2 offers four forms, each with 65 items, each for a specific age group:

  • School-Age Form

    For ages 4 through 18, completed by parent or teacher

  • Preschool Form

    For ages 2.5 to 4.5, completed by parent or teacher

  • Adult Form

    For ages 19 and above, completed by a relative or friend

  • Adult Self-Report Form

    A self-report option for ages 19 and above

While some autism tests require trained professionals to code behaviours observed in clinical settings, the SRS-2 asks teachers, parents, and others to rate symptoms that they've noticed over time-at home, in the classroom, or elsewhere. Raters evaluate symptoms using a quantitative scale representing a range of severity.

In addition to a Total score reflecting severity of social deficits in the autism spectrum, the SRS-2 generates scores for five Treatment subscales & two DSM-5 Compatible Scales:

  1. Social Awareness
  2. Social Cognition
  3. Social Communication
  4. Social Motivation
  5. Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behaviour

DSM-5 Scales

  1. Social Communication and Interaction
  2. Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behaviour

Although not used for screening or diagnosis, subscale scores are helpful in designing and evaluating treatment programs.

SRS-2 Online – WPS Online Evaluation System

The SRS-2 can now be administered and scored through the WPS Online Evaluation System, offering an even more efficient and convenient way to use this assessment. Online testing allows clinicians to:

  • Administer the SRS-2 locally or remotely
  • Email online forms directly to raters
  • Print Response Sheets for parents without internet access
  • Check the status of an administration at any time
  • Consume an online form only when you score it—never lose a print form again!
  • Score online forms and create reports automatically with the click of a button
  • Share reports easily—send by email, save as PDF, or print
  • Monitor an individual’s symptoms over time

Sample Online SRS-2 Report

John N. Constantino and Christian P. Gruber

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