The Business of School Leadership

A practical guide for managing the business dimension of schools

ISBN13 : 9780864319654

Author(s) : Larry Smith and Dan Riley

Publisher : ACER Press, 2010

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The role of school principals and their executive staff has changed rapidly and radically over the last decade. They are now required to be not only leading educators but also effective business persons. The reality is, however, that most school leaders have little if any formal training for these business roles, and very limited personal experience in managing these matters.

The Business of School Leadership will assist school leaders in developing the understanding, knowledge and skill of business processes that they need to perform this 'new' role effectively.

The book does not aim to convert school leaders into accountants or entrepreneurs or marketing specialists. What it provides are the key principles and tactics of business operation that school leaders need if they are to effectively manage both the educational and business imperatives of their schools.

The Business of School Leadership is a reliable resource school leaders can turn to, to assist them in addressing business issues.

Larry Smith and Dan Riley