Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB)

Author(s) : Robert A. Stern and Travis White

Publisher : PAR, 2003


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Purpose: To evaluate neuropsychological functioning

Age: 18-97 years

Time: Complete battery: 4 hours; Varies for individual modules

The Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) is a comprehensive, modular battery of 33 neuropsychological tests developed to assess a wide array of neuropsychological skills and functions in adults who have known or suspected central nervous system disorders.

It consists of five domain-specific modules:

  1. Attention Module: Provides a marker of an individual’s attentional capacity, working memory, psychomotor speed, selective attention, divided attention, and information processing speed.
  2. Language Module: Provides a marker of the severity of aphasia and related disorders of language production, comprehension, and word-finding.
  3. Memory Module: Provides a marker of an individual’s verbal explicit learning, visual explicit learning, verbal delayed free recall, visual delayed recognition memory, and verbal explicit learning and recognition of information likely to be encountered in day-to-day living.
  4. Spatial Module: Provides a marker of the examinee’s visuoperceptual skills, attention to visual detail, visuoconstruction, right-left orientation, topographical orientation, and visual scanning.
  5. Executive Functions Module: Provides a marker of planning, engaging with others effectively, problem solving, successfully interacting with the environment to get one’s needs met, judgment, conceptualisation, cognitive response set, mental flexibility, verbal fluency, and generativity.

A sixth module, Screening, allows the clinician to determine which of the other five domain-specific modules are appropriate to administer to an individual patient. Each of the six NAB modules is self-contained and may be administered independently of the other modules.

Key Features

  • Provides both quantitative summary scores and standardised measures of qualitative features
  • Each of the 33 NAB tests has two equivalent, parallel forms that were created and normed simultaneously to facilitate re-evaluation while avoiding practice effects.
  • Each of the NAB Modules includes a Daily Living test designed to be multifactorial in nature and related to real-world tasks of everyday living, in order to evaluate constructs such as auditory and reading comprehension, simple calculations, problem-solving, and decisional capacity. The new NAB Daily Living test combines these five tests into one easy-to-use form.
  • The NAB Scoring Portfolio (NAB-SP) calculates normative scores and generates profiles. The program enables you to overlay profiles from prior administrations and allows reports to be exported to common word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs for editing.
  • The NAB Video Training Program (part of all NAB kits), is designed to facilitate correct administration and scoring procedures for the NAB. Each chapter includes an overview of the specific test followed by a demonstration of a standard administration.

The NAB is appropriate for outpatient evaluation, forensic examination, large-scale research studies, and many other clinical and research applications.

***NAB materials are ordered on demand. Please contact ACER Customer Service (+61 3 9277 5447) to order NAB stimulus booklets, record forms, response booklets and scoring materials.***

Robert A. Stern and Travis White

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